Thursday, December 24, 2015's Globe Kits and Coils!

One of the most popular oil vaporizer atomizer systems on the market today is the oil globe. They have become so popular that many vaporizer companies are selling globe kits consisting of a base that threads in to a battery, atomizers to fit it, and a glass globe to contain its vapor. However some vaporizer companies are selling these kits for $30 or more and they can contain materials unnecessary and unhealthy to inhale though. Oil believes that simple, reliable vape gear at a low cost is a better approach then charging an arm and a leg. Here's what we're offering with our Standard Globe kits for less than $9:

510 Mod
510 eGo
Shown here are our Standard Globe Kits in 510 Mod  and 510 eGo fitment. We're offering the standard globe kit in 4 thread types to fit nearly any vaporizer on the market, 510 or 601 mod or eGo and we even include an extra nichrome wrapped Globe Coil in each kit (two coils for less than 9 bucks is a deal in and of itself, and you get a full Globe kit for that price too!)

The most popular upgrade coil for our Globe kits is the single wick, grade 2 titanium wrapped coil.
Each coil uses our black porous ceramic wicks wrapped with pure unalloyed Grade 2 Titanium wire for even heating, tastier vapor than nichrome wire. We also have Titanium wire, dual wicked Globe atomizers:
We couldn't fit black wicks side-by-side inside the Globe atomizer cup, so we went back to our thinner white wicks. They don't soak up oil but give your oils increased contact with our Ti heating wire for thicker vapor! (We make this coil in Nichrome, too, for a durable, hotter hitting cloud producer).

And then we turn the "coil" on its head with our 1701 ceramic donut.
This atomizer uses a ceramic heating disc to evenly heat hash oils and extracts for a terpene rich, extra flavorful vape. large surface area means mellow, even heating, and while these donuts don't produce huge clouds they're sure to satisfy your taste buds. Our 1701 uniquely includes our signature black porous ceramic wick to feed oils into the heater and prevent splatter on your Globe glass. These atomizers truly shine on variable power vaporizers like our Omega Oil Vaporizers series at 4.8V!

There's plenty of silica wick or fiberglass filled oil vaporizer carts out there, some of which sell for a pretty penny. Rest assured that with quality manufacturing by UP Tech, our globe coils contain only the most health conscious materials, you'll never find any unsafe plastics, glue, solder, fiberglass, or nickel mesh in our vaporizers or coils. Only the most durable, heat safe materials go inside our atomizers!

All our Globe kits are always priced below $10 each at and with replacement atomizers are available in 5 packs for under 20 bucks we hope you'll consider us for your vaping needs!

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