Friday, March 11, 2016

Keepin' it Clean - How to care for your oil coils and cartridges

Sam from Oil Vaporizer Support here to help with one of the most common questions our customer have been asking recently:
"How do you clean your coils?"
The short and simple answer is a little bit of isopropyl alcohol goes a long way, but the full explanation requires a bit more of a writeup. I'm happy to help share my technique with a twelve step plan to get you cleaned up and ready to vape again!
Supplies needed:
  • Isopropyl alcohol, 99% is best if you can find it! Otherwise the strongest you can get.
  • Metal tool (such as a dental pick)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towels
  • Distilled water
  • Large cup (Plastic or something that can handle hot water)
  • Zippered sandwich bags (At least 2 or 3 but more are nice to have)
  • Hot water (If your tap water is only warm I suggest heating some water in a tea kettle or pot. It shouldn't be boiling, just hot.)
  • A plastic syringe will minimize use of distilled water and make your life easy. Otherwise a small paper cup will help.
Be sure the surface you are cleaning on is safe to contact oils and alcohol. If you have any doubts or are working on wood, granite, anything porous, please protect your surface before starting, or use something like a large plastic cutting board before bringing out the alcohol.
1. Take the cartridge off your vaporizer; or remove the coil from your Globe. Set the battery aside, you won't need that until we're all done.

2. Take the mouthpiece off the cartridge. If it's sticky, try twisting or wiggling back and forth to remove it.

3. Dunk a cotton swab into the alcohol and wipe down the mouthpiece. If you don't have any you could moisten a paper town with some alcohol and wipe gently. Twist up a corner to get inside the air path.

4. If you get the mouthpiece clean enough during step 3 you can skip this part, it's optional. If you want to get the mouthpiece even cleaner we need to take off the red O ring since it can't be soaked in alcohol. Slip your tool next to the O ring and remove gently.
Or you can try pinching/sliding the O ring with your fingers. This method works great on our Prime Oil Cartridge.
Wipe the O ring with an alcohol-wetted paper towel and set it aside.

5. Finally time to clean the cartridge itself! Take the metal tool and carefully wipe any excess oil from the metal walls of the cartridge only! Whatever you do, don't touch any part of the ceramic cup, even the top rim, and don't touch the coil or wick with a metal tool!

6. Toss the cartridge into the zippered sandwich baggie and pour in just enough isopropyl alcohol to cover the cartridge.
If you took off the mouthpiece's O ring you can add it now!
"Burp" out the air from the bag and seal it up!
7. Hot alcohol breaks down oils better than cold alcohol. To get things moving, let's heat it up! Put the baggie inside a cup and fold the zipper over the rim. Pour in some hot (but not boiling) water.

8. The alcohol will begin to darken as it pulls oils out of your coils. When it looks saturated exchange it for fresh alcohol. Repeat this process once you notice the color of the alcohol doesn't get darker. After a few washes, use a new baggie and throw out the old one to get rid of the oily residue left behind.
Pro Tip: It's just as easy to clean one cartridge or ten at a time. Throw them all in the bag together and add just enough isopropyl alcohol to completely cover the coils, then burp out the excess air and proceed.

9. Once the alcohol stops getting dirty and disolored and instead stays clear while immersed in hot water the alcohol has reached the end of its effectiveness. You may soak the coils for up to 30 minutes to provide enough time for the iso to get to all the oils inside the ceramic wicks. After that it's time to remove the coils from the iso.
My last rinse is clean and I save it to use next time. Open a corner of the baggie and pour the alcohol into a spare container.
10. Take the coils out of the bag and rinse the mouthpieces in tap water. 

11. Rinse the coils and cartridges in distilled water to prevent mineral buildup and fluoridation of your oils ;) I use a syringe to make this easy:
Once cleaned they should look something like this!
12. Dry your coils by letting them hang out in a warm area for at least 12 hours, preferably for 24hrs or longer. Reinstall the coil and pulse the power gently to vaporize away any water that might be remaining, and reinstall any O-rings removed earlier.

Throw some oil inside and enjoy! Contact us if you need any help or have any questions about this process! And thank you for reading.

Thursday, December 24, 2015's Globe Kits and Coils!

One of the most popular oil vaporizer atomizer systems on the market today is the oil globe. They have become so popular that many vaporizer companies are selling globe kits consisting of a base that threads in to a battery, atomizers to fit it, and a glass globe to contain its vapor. However some vaporizer companies are selling these kits for $30 or more and they can contain materials unnecessary and unhealthy to inhale though. Oil believes that simple, reliable vape gear at a low cost is a better approach then charging an arm and a leg. Here's what we're offering with our Standard Globe kits for less than $9:

510 Mod
510 eGo
Shown here are our Standard Globe Kits in 510 Mod  and 510 eGo fitment. We're offering the standard globe kit in 4 thread types to fit nearly any vaporizer on the market, 510 or 601 mod or eGo and we even include an extra nichrome wrapped Globe Coil in each kit (two coils for less than 9 bucks is a deal in and of itself, and you get a full Globe kit for that price too!)

The most popular upgrade coil for our Globe kits is the single wick, grade 2 titanium wrapped coil.
Each coil uses our black porous ceramic wicks wrapped with pure unalloyed Grade 2 Titanium wire for even heating, tastier vapor than nichrome wire. We also have Titanium wire, dual wicked Globe atomizers:
We couldn't fit black wicks side-by-side inside the Globe atomizer cup, so we went back to our thinner white wicks. They don't soak up oil but give your oils increased contact with our Ti heating wire for thicker vapor! (We make this coil in Nichrome, too, for a durable, hotter hitting cloud producer).

And then we turn the "coil" on its head with our 1701 ceramic donut.
This atomizer uses a ceramic heating disc to evenly heat hash oils and extracts for a terpene rich, extra flavorful vape. large surface area means mellow, even heating, and while these donuts don't produce huge clouds they're sure to satisfy your taste buds. Our 1701 uniquely includes our signature black porous ceramic wick to feed oils into the heater and prevent splatter on your Globe glass. These atomizers truly shine on variable power vaporizers like our Omega Oil Vaporizers series at 4.8V!

There's plenty of silica wick or fiberglass filled oil vaporizer carts out there, some of which sell for a pretty penny. Rest assured that with quality manufacturing by UP Tech, our globe coils contain only the most health conscious materials, you'll never find any unsafe plastics, glue, solder, fiberglass, or nickel mesh in our vaporizers or coils. Only the most durable, heat safe materials go inside our atomizers!

All our Globe kits are always priced below $10 each at and with replacement atomizers are available in 5 packs for under 20 bucks we hope you'll consider us for your vaping needs!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Welcome to, Best oil vaporizers cartridges and coils.

We all have to start somewhere, and for us at Oil Vaporizer, we chose to start with Utopia Planitia Technologies. UP Tech has lead the way in manufacturing top quality oil vaporizers and cartridges since 2008, and while our company mission is to bring oil vaporizing equipment to the masses at great prices we only want to do it with the best quality products! UP Tech is known for their careful attention to detail, and use of only the best quality materials for the most flavorful and and purest vapor possible. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of hash oil vaporizers and oil vaporizer cartridges to meet every user’s needs!

Let’s start where it matters with the business end of our oil vaporizers: the coil. Inside of our carts and coils you’ll find a variety of materials, all selected with the utmost care, as well as a requirement that absolutely each piece serve a purpose. You’ll never find a gimmick on an Oil vaporizer- just the best vaping materials possible, our Alpha Globe system and Oil Cartridges are Prime examples of our commitment to only the best performing vaping equipment.

Our Grade 2 Titanium Prime Oil Cartridge is the flagship of our Omega series vaporizers and we’ve got it available in fitments for nearly any eGo battery or box mod on the market. It has a 0.6 ohm load so if your vaporizer can fire sub ohm and has 510 or eGo threading, our carts should work for you!

Once you pull off it’s O-ringed mouthpiece and move past its giant chamber you’ll see something a little different: we’ve used porous black ceramic wicks wrapped with a thick Grade 2 titanium wire. These porous black ceramic wicks are the best performing we’ve found for essential oils. Unlike fiberglass or silica wicks, ceramic is inert and doesn’t degrade. It can’t burn if you apply power without any oils loaded, these cartridges don’t  produce any mystery smoke! And unlike white ceramic wicks or quartz, our porous wicks soak up oils like a sponge, instead of just letting it stick to the outside surface it actually goes inside where it can be heated from all sides for much better performance than just heating the oils sitting on top.

These cartridges are available in a single wick and dual wickversion. Each wick is wrapped at least ten times with pure Grade 2 titanium wire, completely encapsulating the majority of the wick. This means that when you apply power, the entire oil-soaked wick is evenly heated by the Titanium wire for the most even application of heat possible with a wire wrapped wick.

We're using the exact same coils inside our Alpha Globes- their single and double wick coils have the same durable, pure Grade 2 Titanium coils and ceramic wicks as the Prime Oil Cartridges. Unconstrained by cartridge container size, we even use different size cups for the Alpha Globe to optimize cup space and wick area; smaller for the single wick and larger for the dual wicks.

Now that you've seen the business end of why these wicks and wire perform as well as they do, let’s pull back the curtain and go just a little deeper. Here’s what’s underneath that ceramic cup transmitting power to the titanium heating wire.

Notice the tiny gold crimps: pure Grade 2 Titanium heating wire requires these crimps to be used. They join the Grade 2 Titanium heating wire to non-resistance leads and are a hallmark of a pure Titanium wire heating element.  Not all cartridges are created equal, and you won’t find these crimps, or for that matter any Grade 2 Titanium in most other oil coils on the market, as Grade 5 and other alloys can be spot-welded to non-resistance wire. This saves money to the cartridge manufacturer, but means that you’re heating aluminum and vanadium along with your oils with every hit.

Some of the other things that become noticeable inside our cartridges and coils are actually things you won’t see until you try to disassemble a competitor's cartridge because we’ve left them out. While many other  e-cigarette based “oil carts” feature solder, glue, nickel mesh, and plastics to hold the carts and coils together, we don't believe any of these materials are suitable for use inside an oilc cartridge and keep ours simple for the healthiest, tastiest vapor possible!

Thanks for taking a look at what's inside our coils. We hope you'll have the chance to experience what an oil vaporizer truly should be, and look forward to providing the best quality products at prices you'll love.